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Всё время мучаюсь, когда пишу слово "соответствующий", - Страница 61 - Форум

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Форум » Общий » Разное » Всё время мучаюсь, когда пишу слово "соответствующий",
Всё время мучаюсь, когда пишу слово "соответствующий",
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Всё время мучаюсь, когда пишу слово "соответствующий", но неужели нельзя было проще?
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classic chanel bagchanel makeup bagschanel bag repair On my most recent trip, my friend Erasmo talked me into whitewater kayaking. Erasmo lives in Stanley, Idaho, (population: Erasmo) where he runs The River Company, an outfit that sends tourists, with guides, in rafts and kayaks down the Salmon River, which is very scenic and also the same temperature as liquid nitrogen. Erasmo insisted that I'd enjoy riding this river in a kayak, a small boat that gets its name from the Eskimo words "kay," meaning "boat," and "ak," meaning "that should not be occupied by anybody who is not a licensed Eskimo."Don't get me started on Spotted Knapweed ! I have heard that someone got cancer on his hand from pulling Knapweed where it cut him a little bit. I Don't know if it's true though. I also heard that one year the grasshoppers were so bad that folks were sliding off the road in our valley.
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